Plaça del Sol

Mapping noise in one of Barcelona’s noisiest neighbourhoods










The neighbourhood versus the noise.

The Plaça del Sol in Barcelona is a town square that has historically suffered from the noise of drinking into the early hours of the morning by crowds drawn from near and far. Working with the Making Sense team in Barcelona, the neighbourhood association of the Plaça del Sol has been researching and measuring how high in relation to the norm are noise levels around the plaça, and what can be to improve the situation.

Mapping the problem

The Making Sense process always begins with mapping and setting up sensing and measuring strategies. We all work together to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Learning the technical skills

Once a strategy has been developed, all that is left before deployment is to teach the neighbours of Plaça del Sol the necessary tech skills to put together and maintain an environmental sensor and to make sense of the collected data.

Get involved!

We’re still looking for emergent communities with environmental issues to solve.