Community Champions

Co-creating and developing methodologies and technology to address noise pollution










A Beta Approach

In Barcelona we are working with participants who are keener than most, to learn the methods for fabrication of technology, the data literacy to make sense of the information captured and the methods to develop future communities through co-creations and collaboration workshops.


We will to reach a level of robustness, in this novel technology, that is acceptable for future prospective participants, who are perhaps more technologically skeptical.


The Sensors

We are using the open source infrastructure of Smart Citizen. A civic technology that includes a sensor kit and a data platform, which allow users to collect and share open data about phenomena such as temperature, humidity, noise, and air quality.

Follow the journey

We are documenting the Community Champions' journey on Tumblr. There you'll have access to all the insights we are developing from this pilot.

Get involved!

We’re still looking for emergent communities with environmental issues to solve.